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~~~Inkigayo Colorful and Beating Performances~~

November 16, 2009

Inkigayo 091115

November 15th was full of amazing performances on Inkigayo, very colorful too!!!, with performances like Gossip Girl, Sign, Chu~♡ , ComeBack performances of UI with a big marshmallow on stage, and Taeyang with his song Where U at, Inkigayo was  magical. AH!!! and I can´t forget the handsome boys of 2PM with their song HeartBeat!!! Enjoy!

**Rainbow  Gossip Girl**

Inkigayo 091115  rainbow

**f(x)  Chu~♡ **

Inkigayo 091115  f(x)

**A-Force  Wonder Woman **

Inkigayo 091115 A-force

**Park Bom  You and I **

Inkigayo 091115  Park bom

**2PM  HeartBeat **

Inkigayo 091115  2PM

**SHINee   Ring Ding Dong **

Inkigayo 091115  SHINee

**Taeyang   Where U at **

Inkigayo 091115  Taeyang

**UI     Marshmallow**

Inkigayo 091115  UI

**Seeya    His Voice**

Inkigayo 091115  Seeya

**Brown Eyed Girls     Sign**

Inkigayo 091115 Brown Eyed Girls

**UKiss  ManMan Ha Ni**

Inkigayo 091115 Ukiss


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  1. kimchiiXx permalink
    November 21, 2009 10:52 pm

    i was watching 2PM’s performance and in the near end, you can hear the fans shouting “park jae bom him neh rah!!” (park jae bom, don’t give up!!). and im at home and i was shouting that too. :] and i woke up my mom. ._. X]

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