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~~True Story about SS501 Leader Kim Hyun Joong~~

November 13, 2009



OMG!!!!  Leader Kim Hyun Joong always beeing pretty handsome! and who would have thought that he had intially started out as bassist in a rock band? Hard to believe it. On the MBC program “The Star Secret,” footage of his 2003 youth band performing at a festival celebration will be revealed for the very first time.


Back in the day, this rock group had established themselves so well that the members were invited to perform at various competitions and festivals around their area. The leader of the band was interviewed and fondly recalled how Kim Hyun Joong’s charms and music abilities were well beyond his years. The guitarist of another rock band, N.E.X.T., also praised the idol for his natural and confident performance abilities on stage, proving that he was a man of endless potential.

The program lasts 30 minutes, but you will feel that is 3 minutes haha, 30 minutes is too little to talk about him!!


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  1. December 21, 2010 8:04 am

    i want to say about …
    kim hyun joong is he’s so very talented..and handsome person.
    so that i want to say to him that iwould like to meet him in personal..atleast one time.

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