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~~2EN1´s Park Bom “You and I” MV Release~~

October 29, 2009


Park Bom is part of 2NE1 girl group!, awsome by the way,  She release a solo single like her parner Sandara Park with Kiss, and her song is called “You and I“, it´s really cute, just like her, I think the song go pretty well with her!!, is a sweet song!

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  1. October 29, 2009 10:28 am

    i really love this music video, she’s so cute!keep up the good work, im your biggest fan!

  2. i love bom permalink
    October 29, 2009 12:34 pm

    she is so beautiful,cute and her voice is so perfect.Just like heaven

  3. 0007 permalink
    October 30, 2009 10:25 am


    dat was sOOO cOOOLl.!

    kip up a gOOd wOOrk


    im ur cOOlest fAn!!..


  4. TOp permalink
    November 4, 2009 12:02 pm

    wooooaaaa so cool I love Bom ntr

  5. shyn permalink
    November 24, 2009 5:27 am

    nice!!!! love park bom!!!!

  6. toMaTO_girlZ permalink
    November 30, 2009 8:38 am

    I really love love this song….^O^
    thankz Park Bom. . . .

  7. December 15, 2009 12:42 pm

    you love bom better than you i love bom better than my life i like you bom im gona gow to you im in phillipines kase… balang araw..

  8. January 18, 2010 1:50 pm

    hehhehheeh . i really love this song !
    Park Bom really cute !! 사랑해 팕 봄 !!

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