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~~Wonder Girls Send Love to Inkigayo~~

August 16, 2009

While the Wonder Girls are busy promoting their English version of ‘Nobody‘ through the Jonas Brothers’ tour around the U.S of A, the girls took the time to say hello to the fans back in Korea through SBS Inkigayo!
The girls say how they couldn’t miss out on the Idol Special and continue with their greetings. The girls thank their fans for cheering them in the midst of their activities in America and Sohee cutely tells you all to watch the Idol Special as the girls will be watching as well. And the girls also congratulate Wooyoung and Taec for becoming the newest MCs of SBS Inkigayo.

It was nice to see the girls talk in their native language and I’m sure the many Wonderfuls in Korea were satisfied to see the girls doing well.

And on a side note, the Wonder Girls‘ music video for ‘Nobody‘ has joined the Top 30 Hot Music Videos on iTunes! Let’s continue supporting the girls and get them to the very top.


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