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SNSD’s Phenomenal Performance on KJE’s Chocolate and a Surprise Guest Appearance!

August 15, 2009

090816 SNSD ‘Adagio Cantabile’ &’Jazz,Rock Gee’ (Chocolate)


090816 SNSD ‘Tell Me Your Wish(Genie)’ (Chocolate)


090816 SNSD ‘Womanizer’ (Chocolate)


090816 SNSD ‘Hollaback Girl’ (Chocolate)


090816 SNSD Hyoyeon ‘My Love+4 My People’ (Chocolate)


090816 SNSD ‘Laarbasses’ (Chocolate)


However, gleeful smiles swiftly changed into tears when a surprise guest showed up during the interview. The surprise guest was Seohyun’s mom, and her appearance was kept secret from the girls until the actual interview. Seohyun’s mom expressed that she rarely gets to see her daughter, and so she immediately agreed to the surprise guest appearance when approached by the PD of the show. She also thanked the rest of the members for taking care of Seohyun and bringing Seohyun a little bit more out of her shell. Her appearance however reminded the rest of the girls of how much they missed their mothers, bringing tears to everyone’s eyes. Tiffany was especially teary, and revealed publicly for the first time that her mother had passed away when she was young. However, she was still optimistic, and thanked her mother for giving her 8 wonderful sisters instead. Although the girls mentioned that the topic of mothers was forbidden among them because they all miss their mothers and because of Tiffany’s situation, Tiffany showed that she’s matured into a strong lady. She no longer laments over her mother’s passing, but cherish the fact that she’s now blessed with 8 loving sisters. Tiffany even thanked the PD for making this event happen, and gave the worried PD the okay to broadcast her confession. Overall, the interview was very touching, and the audience cried alongside SNSD. It’s great to see these kinds of shows that touch our hearts, and remind us of why we love our moms.

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