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We Got Married Episodes ((JoonBo Couple))

July 6, 2009

Episode 1

Kim Hyun joong & Hwan Bo meeting

Episode 2


Episode 3

Return of the Honeymoon

Episode 4

Meeting with HwangBo family and SS501 Oppas

Episode 5

The first “I love you” from Kim Hyun Joong to Hwan Bo and aquapark

Episode 6

Crown J& Seo In Young couple in the Aqua Park

Episode 7

Two couples competition!!, losers pay the food!

Episode 8

The New House

Episode 9

Kim Hyun Joong goe to Japan

Episode 10

Hwang Bo visit  Kim Hyun Joong in Japan

KJH goes for a walk in Winnie Pooh Outfit

Episode 11

Fun Breakfast for ss501 Oppas

HwanBo y KHJ recorded a song

Episode 12

Mision: Goes on vacation with Alex&Shin Couple

Episode 13

Big Fight between  Shin and Hwang Bo

Episode 14

Aniversary!!!!, day Nº 100.

Episode 15

Wedding Photo shot

Episode 16

Agriculture day

Episode 17

All We Got Married Couples competition

Episode 18

Hwang Bo & KHJ agriculture day 2

AH!!! Kim Hyun joong aegyo to  HwanBo

Episode 19

Maraton:  HwanBo Vs Kim Hyun Joong

Episode 20

Hwang Bo kiss

Episode 21

Ant Tour!

Episode 22


Episode 23


Episode 24

Hyung joon y Kyu jong blind date

Episode 25

Date of Oppas are….

Episode 26

Blind date part II

Hwang Bo Concert Outfit

Especial mision from Kim hyun joong for Hwang Bo


Manager Kim,  Hwang Bo Concert

Aegyo from Hwang Bo

Episode 28

Ice skating

Episode 29

One day before the last one

Final Episode!!!


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